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How Productive Momentum Was Born?

Come in! 
It’s nice to meet you. Take a seat and let me tell you a story. 
A story where a young man full of energy grasped with two hands the adventure in front of him. He had hoped and planned for this journey over many years. 

It was a great life, helping others, tasting new cultures, new friendships and of course new foods. He felt the world was his oyster. 

Yet, his life drew a spotlight on his limitations, weaknesses and inexperience. Life left an indelible mark which over the years has faded rather than disappear.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

He learnt from the experience, he grew as of the experience.

Burnout, rather than being the end opened up a new beginning. 

The beginning was painful, not terminal, only growing pains. 
Burnout made him scrutinise his methods, tools, and priorities. His whole way of doing things was under investigation.

The internal scream from body and mind of “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” knocked him off his downward spiral. This was no exhilarating fairground ride. No one was coming off this ride with a fluffy teddy bear.

That was ME, 8 years ago!

Has it been easy? No!
Do I still suffer some residual effects of that day? Yes!

Believe me when I tell you burnout is not a pleasant trip I would encourage you to ride. 

“Why did you ride it?”, you’re thinking. 
Well, let me tell you.

I was living a dream life involved in philanthropic activities helping my fellowman. It wasn’t a daily grind helping them. Rather, it was a pleasant, enjoyable and fulfilling purposeful life making others happy. 

The dream life was busy, exhausting and tiring. Daily life consisted of tasks, projects, commitments and deadlines. Oh, and did I mention, it was all in a foreign language.
Speaking, helping and living in a foreign language is not a burden. It requires a constant flow of energy.

Both, emotional and mental.

The problem was I loved what I was doing, loved being busy, loved being on the go. What I had yet to fall in love with though was productivity.
When I say falling in love with productivity I don’t mean falling in love with Apple, Google or Samsung. 

No, I hadn’t fallen in love with the experience of doing things in a fashion which cared for the important things. 

Yes, I didn’t love living the life I loved focusing on HOW I was doing things rather than only getting stuff done.

Well, 8 years on, I am happy to say I have a life system which allows me to still get things done but not in a unhealthy manner.

It’s unbelievable, yet when I suffered burnout 8 years ago I only took 7 days off. I packed our bags and headed up north to find solitude in the outback of South East Asia.

Back on the treadmill of life I sought an answer to the question that both body and mind had made a priority:
“How Do I Lead A Busy Life And Get Things Done Without Suffering BURNOUT?”

The answer wasn’t so easy to find. Yet, when I happened to stumble upon the answer, it didn’t take me long to realise the goldmine I had come across.

I still have vivid memories of the day. It was a hot day, windows wide open, ceiling fan spinning overhead trying to bring a relief from the humidity.
As was my custom, when overwhelm filled my mind I would put all tasks, projects, and deadlines down on paper.

I can still see the 3 or 4 reams of A4 paper filled with lines and lines of information. Once I had vomited my overwhelm onto paper it felt good.

Overwhelm revisited when I now had to decide where was I going to start. 
Overwhelm moved me to say “There must be a better way to organise stuff?”

Bookshops weren’t as memorable as the hours spent in public libraries or other places. So, I had to revert to Ibooks on the earlier Ipads. 

‘How to get things done’ was what I typed into the search bar in Ibooks. It threw up many uninspiring choices. 

As I scrolled down I fell upon the book “Getting Things Done: the art of stress free productivity”. I hoped it would do exactly what it said it would do, help me get things done stress free.

I didn’t splash the cash straight away, I downloaded the sample. 
By the end of the sample, I knew this was exactly what I needed. 

Since that day I have been a practicioner of GTD and wholly recommend it to YOU!

Well, the dream life continued for a few more years until I had to return to England.

One dream life ended so I decided to start another dream life. 

Wouldn’t it be great if I could help others to grasp the art of stress free productivity. 

How fulfilling to help entrpreneurs, writers and others to live life without burnout!

So, Productive Momentum was born. 
How can I help you?
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