What Is Success?

How to conquer the myth: What makes true success?

What is success? What is Failure?

Do you remember the Blue or Black dress conundrum?

Was it really Blue?

Or was it Black?

Hang on a minute, it’s Gold. No it’s White.

Did you get wrapped up in the 2015 phenomenon?

It even had it’s own hashtag #thedress

I remember for a whole week, probably more this question was firing up social media all over the. Work colleagues, family members, celebrities all got wrapped up in heated debates. Doing their best in trying to convince others how ‘they’ were seeing it was the right way. It was the others who had it wrong, they needed to go and “get their eyes checked”.

Total differences of viewpoint, perception, and colour choices. In short, ‘how people see things’.

Differing Views Of The Myth

Do you find even your view of success and failure differentiates from your family, friends, colleagues and community?

I do.

A very simple yet true definition of success straight from the dictionary is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

An equally truthful definition of failure is “lack of success.”

Is it that simple in your eyes?

If it is, why do so many people quit, give up, get sick, get depressed over the fact they deem themselves personally unsuccessful.

You know why? Because we all have the little flaw of comparing ourselves to others which muddies the concept of what is success.

We all do it?

Your Success Is Not Someone Else’s!

As a writer, I have found myself in the past comparing my writing to someone that has 5, 10, 15 even 20 more years of experience than me.

As a productivity strategist, analyst, consultant I am well aware of the “big hitters” in the market. There are some incredible voices and presences out there.

Recently, actually probably close to 6 months ago I was asked “what is the purpose of Productive Momentum?” “what do you want to achieve?”

Well, I gave a genuine heartfelt answer. I explained my hopes and how I wanted to help people. Unbelievably, within a week, a major productivity software giant re-branded their logo and company manifesto.

It was as if I was hearing myself speak. They had the same goal as me, more or less word for word. I’ll be honest, it affected me.

Where does Success v Failure impressions go wrong?

We can at times be more focused on the “image” of success.

Money, Fans, Presence, Material Benefits.

Whereas, true success is more aligned with “values” than “image”

Would you agree?

Success is truly the simple act of accomplishing an aim or purpose.

True Success versus Failure

This post may not resonate with hundreds, possibly thousands. Yet, if it resonates with 1, 2 maybe 3 can I deem it as a success? I can.


There could be a writer, entrepreneur, a mum or dad, young person feeling terrible about themselves based off a false comparison.

If this article helps them to see their value is based not off a supposed false image but rather built on the values and principles they strive to inject into the world, job done. Simple I know.

What about Failure?

What Is Real Failure Anyway?

Failure is when we are unsuccessful at accomplishing our aim or purpose?

A mum wants to cook a nice meal for her family. Due to pressures beyond her control, she wasn’t able to purchase every ingredient necessary.

Despite her small failure, her lack of accomplishing her purpose, the family are nourished not only by a healthy meal, but good family time together.

I’d call that success.

A writer, drafts, edits and publishes an article or book which doesn’t click with their audience as he or she would have liked.

A small failure. It doesn’t mean they are untalented. It only means, next time make some tweaks, come at it from a slightly different angle.

Success or Failure?

It could be deemed a success. You see, the one thing which is worse than a failure is false success.

A consultant, creates and provides an excellent presentation on how to solve an issue, or better manage a situation a client is facing. The client rejects it.

Success or Failure?

Yes, a failure as his solution has proved unsatisfactory to the client. However, he turns into a success by listening to the feedback and returning with a solution that ticks all the boxes.

What Is True Success To You?

Can I Help You In Anyway?

Setting up Productive Momentum was based on my deep desire to help others not experience burnout. Burnout, at times, can build because we get our vision of success and failure out of focus.

If you feel out of focus, why not give me a call.

I offer a FREE 30 minute call to understand your purposes and goals and see if I am the right person to help you.

Throughout my life, I have been very grateful that riches, material things and fame were not put in front of me as a solution to happiness.

It has been my goal to live a life based on values and principles which are not “image” based.

It didn’t really bother me whether the dress was Blue, Black, White or Gold. I had an opinion, but it wasn’t worth a debate.

Your success though is important to me. It’s my wish for you to accomplish your purpose or aim. I know your accomplishment will not only benefit you, but other like-minded people.

While we cannot completely dodge failure, it’s not healthy for false success to smack you in the face. Some writers, entrepreneurs don’t get up off the canvas from false success.

Remember, Your Success Is NOT Someone Else’s!

Let’s see how I can help you on your road to personal success!

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