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How To Make Burnout Recovery With Right Friends?

Complete burnout recovery seems a long and arduous journey when your living and suffering in the epicentre of it. When you are in the thick of burnout, you can feel like a friendless person. Sometimes, you don’t even want people or friends around you. You want to be alone.

No one enjoys being lonely, or feeling like a friendless person?

Are you a friendless person?

I doubt it. We may all wish for more true friends, yet, very few find themselves completely friendless. Making and enjoying friendships is a gift extended to us as free intelligent creatures.

Friendship is an amazing journey starting from the initial introduction to a lasting “thicker than water” relationship. Real friendship possesses a steel-like strength enabling travels over inhospitable challenges. Much like a suspension bridge aiding travel over a ravine, lake, sea or bustling streets.

Real friendship has a depth, holds out hope, heals pain, projects forward movement in life.

Having true friends gives us a sense of belonging, an identity in an environment to grow and mature.

True friends are a gift.

Real friendship has a depth, holds out hope, heals pain, projects forward movement in life.

It may sound strange, yet inanimate things can also produce benefits like those gained by friendship.

After all, you have a special go to place where you can watch the sun rise, or set. Whilst inanimate, this reflection of creation gives you a reset, a time to think, a moment of identity, a chance to move forward.

For others, a loyal family pet becomes a companion for times of need. It fills, only partial but nonetheless fills the hole of loneliness or despair.

Do you possess a go to book, song or movie?

We all do don’t we!

It takes on the place of a friend, it’s a place where we can lose ourselves and our feelings. An opportunity to find a healing balm, a motivating word of encouragement. A time when we feel understood, and ready to put another foot in front of the other.

In my childhood I read a lot of books, one of my favourite was a story that allowed the free ramblings of my imagination.

Years later, in 2010 when I experienced burnout, my wife, closest friends and family were a rock to me.

True friends!

Months later, I was introduced by accident to a book and methodology which has become like a friend. This friend, whilst inanimate, has been a constant at my side. It’s helped me during my recovery from burnout to heal, move forward, given me a chance to reset and kept me at bay from future burnouts.

Let me introduce you to “Getting Things Done”.

For one thing, I want to share what GTD has brought to my life and how it can help you.

Getting Things Done Assists Burnout Recovery.

Generally, the difference between a true friend and acquaintance is you always remember the day and place where you “clicked”.

Also, you can have time away form a “true friend”, maybe months or years. Yet, when you meet again, it isn’t long until you feel you have continued on from when you last met. As if it was only yesterday.

I still remember the day when I downloaded the free sample of David Allens “Getting Things Done” onto my Ipad.

Before finishing reading the downloaded sample I already knew we were going to be true friends. In other words, I felt an immediate compatibility, we were thinking alike, singing off the same song-sheet.

Today, I want to share what GTD has brought to my life and how it can help you.

I challenge you to use Apple Books, Amazon or any other provider and download the FREE sample. Read it, you’ll know by the end if you’re to be friends or only acquaintances.

I’m not saying you’ll fully understand how to put in place the principles of GTD. You’ll not know whether this is to be a paper based friendship or digital one. Your mind will be a buzz with questions and scenarios, thinking if GTD will answer each and everyone.

So how has GTD helped my burnout recovery?

GTD Helped Me Heal From Burnout.

After all, not many people, with burnout or not can afford to take long periods of time away from daily life. In a life where paying bills, rent, mortgages, grocery shopping, subscriptions is a necessity, we have to work to live.

With hindsight, I maybe didn’t take enough time off from the conveyor belt of life. It was a total of 7 days before I was trying to balance everything once again. In total, whilst I still at times feel burnout symptoms coming on, it took me a few years to experience full burnout recovery.

I am convinced, had I come across David Allen’s book earlier than 18 months, my healing time would have been reduced.

When I say healed, I mean the ability to deal with the amount of workload, deadlines and emotional challenges I was handling before the burnout.

Actually, since that time, I have experienced more severe challenges than previous to my burnout. These life challenges meant changing my home, work, goals, culture, language, my perspective. It affected my whole life. However, I thankfully kept momentum, I didn’t crash and burn.

On the whole, GTD is all about having clean edges, having the right amount of control. It eliminates multi tasking. You can leave the worry of trying to remember behind or any anxiety of forgetting important people and things.

It’s all captured, clarified, and organised. You’re given the freedom to reflect, and then engage in getting things done.

GTD Helped Me Move Forward After Burnout.

Momentum is all about moving forward. Fast, slow, jump, leap or simply step by step. I have moved forward.

Since 2017 as I’ve read, researched and learn about other people’s lives there are a lot of success stories. Yet, others, despite working with all their might haven’t maybe reached the same height of success.

However, many people are now coming to realise money, likes and shares don’t count for much if you’re not happy, content and secure.

It’s all about what is success and failure to you and your family as it is to me and my family.

Momentum is success as long as it’s forward. Furthermore, even a step backwards can mean forward momentum. You may stop something harmful to focus on a more nourishing, satisfying path. Momentum indeed.

In time, the principles of GTD has helped me move forward. It’s allowed me to capture all the ideas, appointments, deadlines, tasks, projects necessary. I’ve controlled and clarified those things and engaged in work, in helping myself and others. It’s brought me joy and contentment.

I’ve not moved forward as fast as I would have liked. Yet, I have made progress and not at the expense of revisiting those dark days.

GTD Ticked All The Boxes

I set you a challenge earlier in the post. I challenged you to download the sample copy of David Allen’s book and read it.

You will know whether or not by the end, as I did, if this system is for you. For me, it ticked all my boxes.

I could be confident to work in a way which was compatible with my personality. I’d be in control but not juggling. Life could be busy, yet not overwhelming. It would allow me to help others but not at the expense of myself.

How Can GTD Help You With Burnout Recovery?

It can help you as it helped me.

Your life is unique, with it’s own set of challenges.

The principles in this system and method can help you Capture in a controlled manner all the things you need for life. Once captured, you’ll successfully Clarify all those things and clearly understand your next action.

Once captured and clarified, in an Organised manner you can constructively Reflect on all your work and confidently set to work. Be Engaged in the right things at the right time in the right way to achieve maximum results.

Why not speak with me and see how you can Get Things Done both to yours and your families growth and success.

Actually, I have designed a system which has allowed me to operate all things related to Getting Things Done through Evernote, another integral cog in providing full burnout recovery.

Take control now, and claim your FREE 30 minute discovery call.

I wouldn’t wish the experience or effects of burnout on anyone. Yet, now having come out the other side it has allowed me an insight and empathy to help other people.

It also introduced me to a True Friend, a friend I’m happy to share with you.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Burnout Recovery With Right Friends?

  1. Avatar
    Ronaldo G Borja - April 20, 2019

    Fighting burnout is a bit difficult. We need to have positive habits.

    1. Avatar
      Lee Nicholson - April 21, 2019

      Hi Ronaldo, Thanks for your comment. You are correct, building positive habits is one very important part of sustaining burnout recovery. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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