Reaching your full potential in one way how Evernote can improve your life.

The Truth About How Evernote Improved My Life!

How Evernote improved my life is a story I really want to tell you . It’s true as well.

As a rule, anyone who put improvement of life down to some software, I would be inclined to ask them to repeat for fear I’d misheard them.

So, for this reason I’d like to repeat it for all you fellow sceptics. “Evernote has improved my life”.

Evernote, Blue Cheese and “Stinky Fruit”.

Hands up, how many of you adore eating blue cheese?

I love blue cheese.

You cannot beat blue cheese. Uneven chunks spread on a few crackers or a thick “door wedge” slice of fresh home made bread.

Oh, and not to mention a beautiful, full bodied glass of red or white wine. Delicious!

Did you always love blue cheese?

When you first saw blue cheese, did you immediately think “Wow! that looks appetising!”

It’s safe to say most of us who now love the smell, taste and texture of blue cheese didn’t experience love at first sight.

Am I wrong?

While living in South East Asia, there is a comparable food to blue cheese. It’s not a cheese, but rather a fruit. People call it “stinky fruit”.

For example, can you believe “stinky fruit”, also known as Durian fruit, are banned from the Singapore subway! The fruit is also prohibited from premium hotels in Malaysia and Thailand.

In short, the very first time I ate it I had to hold my nose and close my eyes. Now, I love it. I miss it.

Usually, the locals will tell you if you don’t like eating Durian after trying 5 times, you’ll never like it. It took 3 times for me.

Similarly, three is how many times it took for me to LOVE Evernote.

Similarly, three is how many times it took for me to LOVE Evernote. #productivemomentum #evernote #love

How My Life Was Touched?

8 years ago, after suffering burnout I read the book “Getting Things Done” written by David Allen.

Once I had fallen head over heels with the GTD method I needed a home for the system.

Hence, I remember typing into Google (other search engines are available) a search for how best to use GTD.

Consequently, one of the top selections directed me towards the “Secret Weapon”. You may have heard of it? This was a method of using GTD with Evernote based on a tag system.

It was 2010/11, and I had purchased my first Ipad. Actually, I still have the same one.

I recall many correspondences and promotions from Apple recommending Evernote. A free program with an elephant for it’s brand.

So, as you do, when you don’t know anything better I decided to try the Secret Weapon.

Particularly, it was all FREE. We all love something for free.

It didn’t last. I found the secret weapon way too complicated.

Besides when it came to Evernote, I wasn’t sure what I had downloaded. There seemed so much potential, but I didn’t know how to tap into it.

From the “Secret Weapon” I jumped from one Project or Task Management app/software to another. It was a frustrating time.



Zen Done



In time, one which caught my eye was Trello. Especially, I loved the idea of cards, and each card was a task. You could attach files and pictures. The problem was, I had so many columns of different things.

My life was super busy with assignments, studies and language lessons. Not to mention all the other things that come with life.

Thus, I felt I needed something to integrate with Trello. However, the swapping and changing of screens or tabs became very cumbersome.

Once I had fallen head over heels with the GTD method I needed a home for the system. #productivemomentum #GTD #evernote #love

A Second Taste.

So, I returned to Evernote.

This time I got to know the product a little better through watching You Tube videos. Afterward, I connected with excellent ambassadors of Evernote like Stacey Harmon, and Francesco D’Allesio.

Despite this, I still felt I needed a separate task manager latched onto Evernote. Still, I tried again to integrate.

Around this time, I re-read “Getting Things Done”. Like with any book, reading something for the second time was eye opening. Besides enjoyment I was reading now with a basic understanding, I realised how much I had missed. I fell in love for a second time, and decided I would create my own system only using Evernote together with the principles of GTD.

Why Did I Stick With Evernote?

Evernote is Super Flexible

Evernote is so flexible. It can in so many ways fit your life, personality and needs.

I know some who use plenty of Notebooks, others use lesser notebooks but more notes.

I am so excited to have a platform where I can walk you through on a one to one basis which makes this program super flexible.

With this in mind, if you’d like to learn more, sign up for my Productive Momentum newsletter which will hold loads of goodies pertaining to Evernote and GTD.

Many GTD users love tags so all their notes are quick and easy to find. Others prefer using only notebooks and making sure each note has a search friendly title.

It’s super flexible because you can sync between all devices including your desktop. So, you have your very own portable office.

I am so excited to have a platform where I can walk you through on a one to one basis which makes this program super flexible. #productivemomentum #help #improvement

Evernote is Super Clean

If you read Getting Things Done, you’ll realise one important aspect is ‘keeping clean edges’.

Accordingly, everything has a place, there is no intermingling, morphing or mistaken homes.

As a result, the system I designed allows me to have all the different functions of GTD within Evernote. Finally, everything was in a place working together in harmony.

Are you familiar with GTD?

Have you read the book, felt it’s good for you but not been able to empower your life from it?

For now, don’t worry. Here on the Productive Momentum, I will keep you up to speed on the benefits of GTD including how you can benefit.

It’s a win win situation.

Evernote has Super Powers

Firstly, it allows you to import pictures, videos and audio files.

Secondly, with Evernote it allows you to scan handwritten notes which when saved become searchable text. I love this function.

In addition, one super power for you to use is the function to email directly into Evernote.

Also, did you know you can email out of Evernote? Great function!

Fed up with typing? Well, with Evernote you can leave yourself an audio message.

Evernote connects with Google Drive as well as many other powerful integrations, including Slack.

For the most part, this small list of Evernote super powers is only scratching the surface. Soon, on my Facebook Page we will have regular feeds on all the powerful tools and functions of Evernote. Later, you’ll have the chance to join a superb community in my Facebook Group (Coming Soon)

Evernote makes GTD Super Powerful.

GTD helped me recover from burnout and to move on afterwards.

Evernote is a super home for GTD.

In summary, over the past 8 years I have seen and experienced how much GTD can help you. It’s had an incredible impact on my life.

Yet, I still find so many don’t understand the GTD method and the incredible benefits it brings.

Furthermore, many have downloaded Evernote but not unlocked and experienced it’s full potential.

With this in mind, through Productive Momentum, I am driven to help writers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Why? Because, by helping you in your professional life I in turn help you as Mums, Dads, Husband, and Wives. As a result, both personal, family and professional life improves.

If you are searching for help, looking for assistance in finding momentum in your professional or personal life and you’d like to know more then please feel free to contact me.

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