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 Who Is The Productive Writer?

That would be me, Lee Nicholson. I am the founder of “The Productive Writer”

Welcome to my brand new site, The Productive Writer. I am excited to have my personal corner of the internet connecting with like-minded people wishing to be more productive.

You might wonder what or who put me on this ever-winding, but satisfying road of personal productivity?

The Productive Writers Past

Well, back in 2012/2013. I lived abroad volunteering for an organisation that focuses on teaching and helping people from all walks of life. The majority of my time comprised of managing and executing administration projects, preparing lessons in the local language, teaching one to one, public speaking and offering support when and where needed.

I loved what I was doing, and I was accomplishing something. Yet, it was always a case of just keeping my head above the water, dealing with the next wave of tasks, projects, lessons, and support.

You get the point.

I remember one afternoon I was tired, unmotivated, and stressed. I had in front of me 3 A4 pieces of lined paper. Each line had a task I needed to do. Just looking at the papers increased my anxiety levels.

Instead of wading through the tasks, I picked up my tablet and scrolled through the App Store looking at the books; happy to read anything that could ease the pressure I was feeling. I was procrastinating, but for once it paid off.

I typed into the search bar “productivity”. A list of books came up, and after two or three flicks of the finger, a particular book caught my attention.

The Productive Writer and Getting Things Done

“Getting Things Done.”

This is a bestseller written by David Allen several years ago. The latest edition of Getting Things Done was published last year and is a brilliant book. I certainly recommend it to any that have not yet read it. If you have, then read it again.

My first decision was to download a sample copy of the book. The impact was instant, by the time I had finished reading the sample I realised that I had fallen upon something that resonated with me right away. I downloaded the full version, and it’s helped me move forward until today. The discovery of that book, I believe prevented me from drowning under the weight of everything I had to do.

Now, I am not holding the key to perfection, no one does. I still regularly have to rein myself and my methods in to stay on the productive road. We will be traveling this road together.

Since reading the book for the first time, daily I try to follow the philosophy of GTD, and as a result, my interest and knowledge in the whole topic of productivity continues to grow before me.

At the beginning, I went out and bought a load of manila folders to set up the tickler system. Conveniently, I already owned a filing cabinet, allowing me to arrange and file my “stuff” in alphabetical order. I found the GTD method and its mechanics exhilarating.

It felt great!

The Productive Writer and Evernote

A few weeks later I read my first article on Evernote. It was free to download, and so I did. But, I didn’t have a complete comprehension on how to use it effectively. I loved being able to store securely my papers on it yet still own the freedom of availability at all times wherever I was. Yet, I wasn’t sure if Evernote was for me.

Well, over time I came to understand that Evernote is an amazing tool that has helped me to be more productive, whilst working in harmony with the GTD philosophy.

The Productive Writers Present

I am still amazed how many people, including freelancers, web designers and entrepreneurs who are not aware of Evernote. Others recognise the name and maybe know a friend that uses it. Yet, they, like myself 3 years ago are not sure how it will help them and their own personal productivity.

Evernote introduced a program selecting candidates to become Evernote Community Leaders in countries around the world with the purpose of helping people experience the benefits of Evernote. In January 2017, they selected me to be an Evernote Community Leader in the city where I live.

As well as writing about productivity here on my website and helping people as an Evernote Community Leader, I also provide my services as a freelance writer. I have been published in a sports magazine and currently contribute sports articles to two leading websites.

The Productive Writers Future

So, with introductions finished, let me share with you a few of the great things you’ll find here on “The Productive Writer”.

* One article every Tuesday which will focus on how we can enhance our personal productivity.
* Posts that will discuss the scientific research and professionals views of personal productivity
* Guest posts from people of all works of life explaining what helps them be productive.
* Articles showing how Evernote can help us to be more productive.
* Software and Application reviews that will help our daily productivity.


We are ready to go.

See you on the blog!