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What Is The One Productivity Question 5.55 Billion People Need To Ask Every Day?

Every day, 5.55 billion people make the same productivity decision multiple times a day. The remaining 1.85 billion people have the same decision made for them. This decision has the power to bring joy, satisfaction and happiness. Yet, has the potential to inflict suffering, loss and dejection.

What is this decision which affects every one of the estimated 7.4 billion inhabitants of the earth?

What Is My Next Action?

According to the World Population Data 2016 written and published by the World Population Bureau, the inhabitants of the earth numbered at 7.4 billion. Of those 7.4 billion, 25% (approx 5.5 million) were under the age of 15 years. So, we need to analyse how we use our time? How effective are our choices which will affect the productivity of our day, week, month and even longer?


What is your answer to this question?

It still surprises me when people ask me to explain what productivity is. I find this question gets raised when I inform people of my new website ‘The Productive Writer’.

In my experience, this fascinating subject of productivity is similar to emotive topics for discussion where people share personal angles, viewpoints and opinions. Different personalities see it through different glasses. Those working in contrasting job markets each hold a different explanation.

Yet, the general basis of productivity remains the same.

It’s using the time we own in the most effective way to yield the best results.

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: “The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.”

How can a person be more productive?

What are the benefits of being productive?

There are many benefits, physical, emotional and monetary. In this post, I will focus on one physical and emotional help.


The method we use to manage our time, projects and tasks will influence how productive we are. That doesn’t mean installing a special application on your smartphone or tablet will miraculously turn you into a productive person. Oh, if only that was true.

It doesn’t mean the more expensive a piece of software purchased for your PC or mac is, the more effective your day will be. Wouldn’t it be great if that was the winning golden ticket?

In real life, the chosen method guiding a person’s personal productivity means much more than only technology.

Our chosen method should allow us to make clear and simple decisions on what should be the next task for us to do.

On this website, I will discuss a theory originated from the productivity guru David Allen. Many of you will be familiar with the book “Getting Things Done” abbreviated GTD. It was the stumbling across this book 3 or 4 years ago which started me on the productivity road. If you haven’t read this book, I strongly encourage you to do so.


You will notice in the above definition of productivity, the word effective and not efficient has been stated.

What is the difference between how we see being effective and efficient?

For example, anyone can complete a number of tasks and errands throughout a day. They will think they’ve been efficient in their use of time. However, if their choice of tasks are not relevant to the important or critical things in their lives, has it been an effective use of time?

The correct method which fits both your needs and circumstances will help you to be most effective in your daily life.


Ask yourself “Why do you want to be a more productive person?” For me, I wanted to shake off that horrible feeling of carrying this massive weight on your shoulders that I could not shift no matter how hard I worked. It was the pressure of getting things done.

Whilst I was doing one task I worried that I should be doing a more important task. At the same time, I’d remind myself of other things I had forgotten to write on an existing extensive to-do list.

As a result, nothing was enjoyable which affected my emotional health and resulted in wasting time on “escapism” reading books, watching TV and wasting precious minutes on playing games. I’m sure you understand and have experienced similar feelings before.

Having control of your day is a great emotional help that results from being productive. It will help to lower the unnecessary stress levels and stop you being in a fluster throughout the day. Thus, prevents you from making hasty, on the spur moment decisions just so you can tick something off your to-do list.


In people’s minds, the main reason for being productive is monetary. They hope using their time better may help them to hook a bigger client, get a pay rise, and expand their business. In this modern world we need money; sometimes it helps to have more.

For others, whilst monetary gain would be welcome, yet, is not their primary focus for being more productive. It might be a working mum who wants to streamline the way she does things. She’s fed up with not having enough time to spend with the family on an evening.

The stay at home dad wants to be more effective at getting his errands done so he can focus more time on his start-up business launch day.

Well, for me it was a real life saver. Learning about and designing an effective method of productivity stopped me from drowning under the pressure 3 or 4 years ago. I felt swamped under a heavy load of projects, deadlines, administrative errands to name a few. Now, I love to talk about productivity and now write and teach it.

Time is a precious commodity. It’s the only thing we cannot get back once it’s passed us. Therefore, people from whatever “walk of life” they come from all want to be more productive in their daily lives. They want to have a method which allows them to decide how to best effectively use their time to derive the most benefits.


Well, firstly I hope that my twice weekly posts will help you to understand how to be more productive.

I want to help you to understand how we can think like a productive person, plan and act in an effective way.

I keep telling you, but this is the last time for today, Evernote and GTD really and truly saved me from drowning under a whole pile of things that I loved, but wasn’t organising properly. My wish is that I can help you use these two facets as well as a few other things to bring a small but significant productivity to your day.

Lastly, I would really love to show you that there is so much more to being productive other than increasing our personal wealth. Our value is not to be calculated by our wealth.

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Think Productively, Plan Productively, Act Productively

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