How To Unlock Productivity With 7 Simple Evernote Notebooks

You’ve heard of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? I know you have! Now is the turn for Evernote and the Seven simple Evernote notebooks (Tricky tongue twister).

It’s true, although Evernote allows you to create 250 notebooks, you only need 7 Evernote notebooks to unlock your productivity.

Why such a difference?

Well, because when you create so few notebooks you need to rely more on “tags”.

If you create more notebooks, you’ll make fewer reasons to max out on your 100,000 “tags” limit Evernote gives you.

What is the difference between a Notebook system and a Tag system?

Great question!

This is a question dividing both men and women among countries over the world. As someone who has used both systems, you’ll be able to find both pros and cons to either way.

Evernote Notebooks System Versus Evernote Tag System

However, I’ll list out 5 Advantages to a Tag system over a Notebook one.

1) Easier To Find: Having multiple (over 7) Evernote notebooks means you are restricting the amazing search capacity Evernote has and relying more on your own memory of where you stored things.

2) Easier To Grow: Having fewer Evernote notebooks enables you to store more information but you don’t see the need buy a load more bookcases. Your Notebook is getting fuller, rather than the shelf.

3) Less Stressful To View: If you own hundreds of Notebooks flowing down the left-hand side of your screen, it sometimes feels like information overload.

4) Quicker To Get Things Done: You will notice with only 7 Evernote notebooks it will be quicker for you to start your work, and smoother as you move from task to task.

5) More Enjoyable To Use: You might remember in the post 3 Productivity Techniques Help Work-Life Balance we discussed how sportsmen and women use a trusted technique which brings them success.

If we are comfortable using our chosen method, we will trust, embrace, and enjoy working. Thus, our productivity will increase, and we will reach our goals more times than we miss.

7 Simple Evernote Notebooks

That’s right, only 7 Evernote notebooks needed to unlock your daily personal productivity.

Let’s introduce them.

First, we have Inbox.

Then we need Filing Cabinet (A-Z)

Afterwards, in any order, we need Projects, Someday/Maybe, Waiting For, and Read & Review. Last, but one of the most important notebooks is ‘Completed’. We need ‘Completed’ because completion is our long term goal. We want to Get Things Done, close stuff down!

When you create them in Evernote, this is what your screen will look like.

The 7 Simple Evernote Notebooks

If you haven’t downloaded Evernote onto your PC or Mac, now would be a great time to do so. Thus, you can benefit the most from these tutorials.

Remember, the Evernote program is downloadable for FREE. The FREE version will allow you to unlock your productivity each day. So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW!

Why These 7 Evernote Notebooks?

Each of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs had a name tailored to their personality.

Can you remember them?

Their names were Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Bashful and the ever loving Dopey. They had names which corresponded with their personalities.

The names of the 7 Evernote notebooks works in a similar fashion.

Inbox: Everyone needs an Inbox. An inbox is a go-to place where you ‘brain dump’ everything which is buzzing around your head right now. You can place, text documents, pictures, web clippings, audio, spreadsheets, Ebooks, PDF inside.

Filing Cabinet: This is a place to file all support material applicable to your projects in a tidy manner.You will also put all additional reference material away in a safe place. Reference materials can be anything from a business contact card, Chinese takeaway menu, or an important letter received from a potential client.

Projects: This Evernote notebook will be the go-to place for all your current ongoing projects. The separate notes inside will hold all the materials and tasks needed to work from beginning to finish.

Waiting For: During the workflow of a project, you will come to a standstill. Let’s say you emailed a quote to a client and are awaiting a reply. Or, you sent prospective paint colours for the lounge to your spouse. Now, you are waiting for him to come back to you with his or her opinion. The ‘Waiting For’ Evernote notebook will be the place to store projects during this temporary pause.

Read & Review: In this Evernote notebook will be many reading materials which have no relation to any project that’s in your project notebook. It is for your consumption when you take a breather from projects and next actions.

Someday/Maybe: An Evernote notebook which holds all of your ‘bucket list’ wishes you will get around to when and if either convenient or appropriate to begin.

Completed: Last, but not least this Evernote notebook will hold of all your successes. Upon completion of a 2-minute task, project, or read and review task then this is the place to send.

Now, you are best friends with Evernote and its 7 simple Evernote notebooks.

I hope you found this of interest and motivated you to continue to get the most of this powerful tool. Over the coming weeks, I will discuss much more topics such as:

How to set up a project Notebook?

Which tags are the most important?

How to move things from Inbox?

How to decide what to do next?

I love this chance to help you maximise your full potential using Evernote and the many other things I discuss.

If you didn’t understand something I discussed today then ping me an email or a DM on Twitter.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or in need for a greater explanation regarding Evernote then feel free to contact me.

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