When you’ve had a busy day being as productive as you possibly can, you’ll want an opportunity to unwind. One of the best ways to unwind is to read a story along with a glass or cup of your favourite drink. Well, not only do I write Non-Fiction material but I also like to write Fiction, Flash Fiction and Short Stories. You can find that on my other site LPN Fiction. There you will find a variety of stories, that can help you unwind after a busy and productive day.


The flash fiction stories are generally less than a thousand words. These stories are taken from my own experiences living abroad, seeing the world through my eyes and recalling emotive and life changing experiences growing up.

One of my favourite flash fiction stories is based on a real-life experience as we were walking down the road in a Sout East Asian country. The title of the story is “Selfish Selfie.”


My short stories are normally around 1200 – 3000 words long. The basis of these stories come from the similar places that my flash fiction arises from. However, I also try to touch on some social issue or moral story that is important in the minds and lives of people.

When I lived in South East Asia, there was one particular road that use to stir up in me feelings of anger, guilt and shame. It eventually moved me to write one of my favourite and most liked stories. I called it “Space Invaders“.