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How To Make Good Conquer Evil With Power Of Habits

A “Good versus Evil” plot is the spine of many blockbuster movies, an absorbing best-selling novel or an award-winning addictive serial. If we look close enough, we see this same plot running in our daily life. That “Good versus Evil” struggle presents itself in how effective we are in using our most valuable resource, TIME. Therefore, we need to understand the power of habits.

The part of our life portrayed by the “good” is our wish to be proactive, positive and successful. Mums, Dads, Students, Husbands, Wives, Businessmen and Women are joined by the want and wish to be happy, effective, fulfilled and successful.

The “evil” characters in our plot are introduced to us as procrastination, negativity, and failure. If not kept in their proper place, these characters will affect our lives in a negative manner. We may find ourselves in a constant struggle which can leave us lost, tired emotions and frustrated.

Thus, we need the power of habits, good habits to come to our rescue.

Why are habits so influential in our productivity?

How can you tap into the power of habits?

One of those classic “good versus evil” stories read to us as youngsters were the “Three Little Pigs.”


We start with three little pigs being sent out into the big wide world to make their fortune. As a foundation to their journey, they build a base from which they search out success in their life. Each of them builds a house. As the story goes, one pig builds his house out of straw, the other sticks and the third one uses bricks.

Subsequently, each of them has a visit from the ‘big bad wolf’ who requests entrance to each of the homes. When they refuse, the big bad wolf “huff and puffs” and blows the two houses made of straw and sticks to the ground.

Depending on which book or adaptation you are familiar with, those two little pigs may have or not lost their lives. Let’s say for this article sake, they did tragically lose their life.

The third little pig, similar to the first two refuse entrance to the wolf. However hard the wolf “huff and puffs” he cannot blow the house down. The wolf, determined to win the battle tries to enter the house by sliding down the chimney. As we know, the clever little pig expects this, and already has a large pot of boiling water sitting on a lit fire. He tucks into a bowl of wolf stew after the wolf meets a “hot” finale.


Can you see how this good versus evil confrontation plays out in your life?

We, like our three friendly pigs, venture out looking for success.

Our journey begins and we are both positive and determined. Afterwards, we begin to encounter big bad wolves along the way disguised as distractions, procrastination and disappointments.

However, the setting and keeping of good personal habits make sure those wolf-like things we meet won’t blow our house down.

In what way? Let’s consider 3.

Every house needs a solid foundation, and so does our productivity. Many of the excellent articles written on routines have gone viral. Good habits allow us a foundation to build upon. If we have many projects, tasks, or deadlines we need the power of habits, good habits to act like a glue.

Good habits create a positive start for both our day and week, even projects or goals. When we start our day with habits like a few minutes of exercise, checking our calendar or having a healthy breakfast make a big difference to our productiveness.

Reading for 10 minutes, writing the three “must do’s” of the day or 15 minutes of consciousness journalling? With these habits set, we are walking in the right direction towards our goals.

We can experience the power of habits in an evening routine. Imagine spending just 10 minutes before “lights out” carrying out these 3 tasks.

1, Brain dump everything into your Inbox

2, Write up your calendar for the next day.

3, Tidy your desk.

Each of those tasks by themselves minor, yet closing down our day with those three simple habits will make tomorrow smoother, productive and enjoyable.

So, the power of habits gives us a solid foundation to build everything else upon.


The power of habits, good and sustainable habits will produce momentum in our productivity.

Each day, as we carry out those good habits we replace feelings of frustration with positivity. When we don’t allow distractions to take our eyes off our work, we’ll be less overwhelmed with deadlines.

As we build momentum through accomplishing regular habits, we’ll have the confidence to add more projects, goals or ventures to our life, business, or side-hustles.

A good momentum helps us be proactive and view both positive and negative possibilities as clear as daylight. What a difference to the days when we have dark clouds hanging over us only filled with negativity, stress, and discouragement!

On days like that when positive things come along, we may be too overwhelmed to notice. When negative things come along, we may be too tired to fight them away.

The power of habits brings momentum to our personal productivity that helps us towards our goals.


Earlier, we noted every one of us has a different definition of personal success. Yet, the power of habits allows us a foundation to build upon and a momentum to carry with us.

We may only think of the attainment of success when we reach our final point. However, we can also experience mini successes.

It’s traditionally held that after carrying out a task consecutively for 21 days we are less likely to break it. When we reach the 21-day mark, that is a great success.

However, what about when we reach 3 days, or 7 days consecutively carrying out a task? Well, we may not crack open a bottle of champagne but we can still sense the notion of success.

Good daily habits develop other beneficial qualities in ourselves.

Our consecutively carrying out a task for 21-days whilst meeting many “big bad wolves” shows we have self-control, determination, endurance, and a strong mentality.

We can call these qualities ‘mini-successes’. These qualities will be invaluable in many other areas of our personal, family and business life.

The power of habits brings both success and mini-successes.

The “Good versus Evil” plot is not a new notion to us. Yet, we are confronted by many kinds of wolves which hamper our productivity and make our goals seem further away.

Yes! the power of habits, good and sustainable habits gives us a foundation to conquer the evil leaving us happy, energised, with full momentum in the right direction towards success.

So, what is one habit that you want to accomplish daily, weekly or monthly?

Start today setting those habits, work hard to give those habits a foundation. Work hard to keep them and build off the momentum. Gain success through the power of habits.


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