Evernote Community Leader

What Is Evernote?

I have been an Evernote Community Leader since the beginning of 2017. However, when my productivity journey began in 2012 I had not used let alone heard of this friendly elephant. Now, through my own experience, I have come to appreciate the powerful tool that it is.

Evernote is a productivity tool which helps men, women, and children create, edit, store and share ideas in the forms of notes and notebooks. This tool is a one workspace option that can be used for writing, planning, and researching wherever you are and whenever you want.

It allows you to have your office handy on your phone, your tablet or your home/office computer. In April 2016 Evernote began to roll out a program where they would train and certify selected individuals to serve their community. That’s the role I hold, an Evernote Community Leader.

100 Million Professionals Daily Rely On Evernote

What’s The Role Of An Evernote Community Leader?

These are qualified users of Evernote and Evernote products who are willing to share their knowledge, abilities, and time to help people in their community to see the benefits of using this global tool. Evernote Community Leaders are not Evernote employees. However, they are required to comply with a code of conduct.

If you go to the Evernote website and change the ‘Country’ search to “United Kingdom” you’ll see there are 23 Evernote Community Leaders in the United Kingdom. If you swipe down two or three times, you’ll see me, Lee Nicholson.

“Hello, Nice to meet you.”

Which One Are You?

When you consider Evernote, which of these 4 categories are you closest to?

  1. Not Heard Of it.
  2. Overwhelmed By It.
  3. Not Sure How It Can Help Me?
  4. WANT to use it!

Whichever category you fit, I can help you right away!

How Can I Help You?

I will….

  • help you to choose the most suitable Evernote package for you.
  • teach you new creative ways to use Evernote in your daily life and show how Evernote can tailor to your career, hobbies, or interests.
  • train you to master the basics of Evernote.
  • explain all of the excellent features in Evernote, so you don’t have to miss a trick.
  • organise events to introduce Evernote to your business, colleagues, school, community, family, and friends.

If you would like to download Evernote onto your PC or Mac then please click on my referral link here: DOWNLOAD EVERNOTE

Please note: This is an affiliate link which means I can earn a small commission if you download one of the 4 different Evernote packages. These small sales are a way for me to keep The Productive Writer running. I really appreciate your support.

Therefore, if you would like any more information on Evernote or how I can be of assistance to you, then don’t hesitate to contact me using the “Get In Touch” page or through the official Evernote website.