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The Elephant That Will Not Forget To Boost Your Productivity

When young, the thought of a wild animal having a part in one’s life and growth were fanciful. Yet, for a shy, timid 10-year-old standing in front of the class, it would have been a defining moment. How your superman Dad had brought home a wild animal. A Lion, Bear, Wolf, even a Hippopotamus, WOW! Crocodile, DOUBLE WOW! What about a friendly elephant?

Imagine, how cool that would have been? Every student wanting to be in the young 10-year-olds’ gang. New, and old friends hoping to get an invitation for fish fingers, chips and beans, sitting around the table with your new pet.


In 2008, I had the privilege of mixing with wild animals up close and personal. Now, it wasn’t one of those Steve Irwin accounts where he calmed a hungry, bloodthirsty leopard or cheetah by holding his arms outstretched, creating a star shape. No, it wasn’t Bear Grylls. Yet, still completely cool!

In 2008, I was living in South East Asia which happens to be the home to around 40–50,000 Asian Elephants. This is not a huge number. It’s reported that the number of Elephants in the last 30 years has reduced by 50%.

I was visiting Thailand on a business come vacation trip. Arranged for one of those days, we planned to venture off and do jungle trekking sitting on the back of a giant Asian Elephant.

A few of my readers may feel this might be cruel to the animal; please let me put your mind at rest. In South East Asia as in many other countries, people do take advantage of and mistreat these incredible creatures. There does exist fantastic sanctuaries where dedicated staff do everything they can in challenging circumstances to rescue and rehabilitate many of these fantastic animals. These Elephants finally saved from terrible people, conditions and pain. Because of the mistreatment, the Elephants cannot be released straight back into the wild. So, these rehabilitation sanctuaries give them the much-needed care, food, space and fun. In time, the rehabilitated Elephants can sometimes get released back to their natural habitat.


These sanctuaries are not cheap to run, and they do not always receive the necessary vital funding. You can imagine, the cost of looking after a small Elephant is a tidy sum. So, tourists are encouraged to come, learn, feed and sometimes ride on the back of them for the cost of a coffee and a croissant.

When you have the privilege of seeing these animals in their natural habitat, you most definitely fall in love with them. If you could, you’d love to take one of these little fellas home with you and take good care of him or her.

Imagine how many of your colleagues, mums and dads on the school run, mates at the gym or the pub all itching for an invitation to dinner!

Spending time up close with nature can be a life changing experience.


Well, if I told you there were hundred, thousands, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children that have adopted an Elephant into their life, would you believe me? They have found the process uplifting, enlightening and in most cases, it didn’t cost them a penny.

If you have read “Who Is The Productive Writer”, then you’ll know about me. You will have read that recently I became an Evernote Community Leader. In 2013, not whilst on holiday but in sitting in my office swivel chair I came across this intriguing software that had an Elephant’s head as the main logo. That was my first introduction to Evernote.

Have you heard of, or used the Evernote program? It’s available on your Mac, PC, Android or IOS. Evernote is relied upon by over 100,000 people every day.


In my last article, “What Is The One Productivity Question That 5.55 Billion People Need To Ask Every Day”, I shared with you how instrumental the book “Getting Things Done” written by David Allen has been in helping me to be more productive. Well, once I had finished the book, I then sought to put everything into action. I purchased manila folders. Next, I went through my “stuff” and wrote every thought, task, goal and project that was rocking around in my head. During the setup, I was vigilant to make sure I only had one piece of ‘stuff’ written on each piece of paper. Over the next couple of days, I got myself straight.

Despite the freshness of this new method and the excitement it imbued, I felt there was still a missing cog in the mechanics. You see, so many of the reference ‘support materials’ that were connected to my projects were on my computer’s hard drive. I didn’t want to print everything off, and having each file in a separate folder filed away in Windows Explorer didn’t feel to be a sustainable solution.

Well, after s few minutes of google searching on how best to use the Getting Things Done theory I came across Evernote. It seemed the answer that was in need of. It was what I needed! The thing is, I didn’t realise and after a couple of weeks, I quit.


Yet, today I confidently tell you that Evernote is my major go-to tool. It’s the first thing I open when I turn on my PC every morning. It is unbelievable.

So what changed? I learnt how to use it properly. It wasn’t easy, but it was certainly worthwhile.

Evernote Community

When you look at this infographic, you can see how instrumental Evernote has been and still is in people’s lives. Surprisingly, there are still hundreds, thousands of people that fit these various categories.

  1. Not heard about Evernote.

  2. They’ve heard Evernote but not sure what it is. They don’t understand how it can help.

  3. Think that Evernote is only for businesses and office use.

  4. Have downloaded the software but found it too overwhelming to use.

  5. Used Evernote for a while, but unaware of the full capabilities of the little Elephant.

Do you fit one of those categories?

If you do, then don’t worry. This is one of the main reasons why I set up this website, to help people unleash their own personal productivity by using this tool.


Each Friday, my post will centre on different aspects of Evernote and how they can be used in your own life. I will do by very best to give you tutorials on how to perform basic, intermediate and advanced tasks using Evernote.

In time, my goal is to help more people by writing different online courses showing how to use Evernote. I have an EBook in the pipelines outlining and explaining the 10 basic steps to being more productive.

I will explain how Evernote using the Getting Things Done philosophy can be integrated with other pieces of software to enhance your own personal productivity.

Over the next few weeks, my posts will focus on answering the following questions:

What Is Evernote?

Who Can Use It?

How To Use It?

It’s been estimated that there were at one time 350 different types of Elephant. Today, only two remain in existence. These are the African Elephants and the Asian Elephants.

Maybe you knew that? Well, let’s add another Elephant to the list. This Elephant may not be as soft and cuddly, yet, it is as lovable. This Elephant can go home with you without having to answer any difficult questions from Customs & Excise. Eventually, once you’ve got used to each other, you’ll never want to part. He or She will always be a focus of conversation with your friends. You’ll go everywhere together on all your devices.

Let’s Take Good Care Of All Our Elephants!

Think Productively, Plan Productively, Act Productively.

  • If you would like to use Evernote but have questions that require an answer then, by all means, contact me and I will do my best to guide you through.
  • If you currently have Evernote on one or more devices and you need some help with either basic, intermediate or advanced function, then please send me an email and I’ll help you.

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